Creating and capturing value through operational excellence, tactical agility, and strategic flexibility, enable the enterprise to face threats confidently and take advantage of opportunities decisively.

Opportunities for increasing revenues, profits, and growth are constantly created and realized, while unnecessary costs to business performance and health are continuously identified and eliminated.

And, the ultimate result? Exceptional performance and superior levels of shareholder value, achieved and sustained… year after year, after year!

Talent Advantage

Empowered, Engaged & Energized Talent—

The Solid Foundation Upon Which To Build

A Superior & Lasting Business Superstructure!

Talent acquisition and talent retention are key: “…empowering your people has an additional benefit: besides new ideas to improve products, services and processes, it helps surface new ways to attract, engage and retain great people… if business success depends on happy customers, happy customers come from energized, engaged employees,”—Ken Tencer, CEO of Spyder Works, Inc.

And, talent has to be maintained in top shape, free of distractions, to sustain exceptional performance.

Many possible sources of employee stress, depression and distraction originate from both inside and outside the workplace. Regardless of the source, the eventual consequences for the organization are the same—added costs to business performance and health, as well as stagnating or declining revenues, profits, and growth opportunities.

Strengthen Your Foundation

For A Superior & Lasting Business Superstructure.

Empower, Engage, & Energize Your Talent.

Only then are you ready to achieve and sustain exceptional shareholder value creation through…

Operational Excellence | Tactical Agility | Strategic Flexibility.

The Achsus Virtuous Cycle

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is the pre-requisite both for meeting today’s performance expectations and for equipping the enterprise for overcoming tomorrow’s competitive challenges. Without it, the pursuit of Tactical Agility and Strategic Flexibility simply do not make much sense. Hence, seeking to achieve or sustain Operational Excellence is a strategic imperative.
  • Identify and launch a three-pronged initiative (directed at uncertainty and risk, complexity, and ambiguity), to reduce vulnerabilities
  • Manage uncertainty and risk proactively
  • Eliminate complexity everywhere, at your desired level of granularity, leading to significant levels of cost reduction and containment.
  • Address ambiguities decisively
  • Pursue consistent, profitable growth—organic, and through acquisitions.

Tactical Agility

Tactical Agility is about being prepared to operate effectively in an environment of accelerating imperatives. Opportunities can be very fleeting indeed. Andy Grove, late CEO of Intel Corporation, noted several years ago, there are only two types of organizations—the quick and the dead. Choose you this day.

Tactical Agility enables an enterprise to quickly and effectively:

  • respond to external stimuli
  • identify and exploit new market opportunities
  • pursue new degrees of (competitive) freedom
  • identify and eliminate potential gaps in competencies
  • create and exploit new competitive space in the marketplace.
  • prepare for strategic flexibility, and further operational excellence

Strategic Flexibility

Strategic Flexibility is about possibilities. It confers the ability to identify, and the means to be selective in the pursuit of new strategic initiatives:

  • new business models
  • new markets
  • new channels of distribution
  • new customers and customer segments
  • new products and product categories

— and much more

No doubt, you may be thinking: “new” usually implies “risk.” Yes, but “old” more often leads to “death.”
In business, the choice is clear—define the new yourself or, if you insist on staying with the old, rest assured someone else will define the new for you and for your industry. Disruption is the new “creative destruction.”

To define the new, it is necessary to leverage creativity, innovation and continuous renewal at a fundamental level. It really should be about the creation and capture of additional shareholder value through a deliberate, coordinated, and ongoing effort directed at leveraging portfolios of technologies, competencies, and capabilities across the enterprise and into new marketplace opportunities.

Of course, culture reigns. It all must be built upon the development and nurturing of a culture of creativity and innovation.

Begin the Journey, Today.